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Murdock News - August 12, 2020

Welcome to Murdock

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She was last seen in just off Hwy 66 near South Bend heading towards the Murdoch area. She's covered over 20 miles in the 3 weeks she's been missing. She's started in Omaha. We had a confirmed sighting in Hwy 66 a little over a week ago. 

Frisco Lost

Murdock Historical Photos 

Thank you to John Guehlstorff for the historical photos he found and scanned for our enjoyment. 

Feeding the chickens used to be a daily chore out of necessity. Now keeping free-range chickens is coming back as a way to get back to eating healthy, local, and sustainable. 

Several people sell farm-fresh local eggs at the Farmers Market every Saturday at the Elmwood Park. Stop by between 8 am - noon and support local.

Feeding the chickens Gray 8SM

This flock was at the Platt Farm east of Murdock. I think it's Lena Guelstorff, but I'm not sure.

Send names and any story you have of anyone above to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

John's Grandpa (Ed) was an avid photographer. He would take photos of any event that went on around Murdock. From family reunions to everyday happenings. When he passed his grandson (John E Guelstorff III) inherited his camera along with his photo processing equipment and all of his negatives.  Recently he found some undeveloped negatives of Murdock

If you have historical or interesting photos of Murdock you would like to share please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Grandpas Woods Open

Grandpas woods 062020

We have tee times available!

Give us a call at 402-994-2100 to reserve your spot!

Happy golfing!

Elmwood Farmers Market

We can always use more vendors. More vendors attract more people.

Farmers market

More people mean more vendors, more vendors mean more variety!!

More variety means you can do more of your shopping local instead of the "box" stores. 

Join our Facebook group and stay up to date on who will be showcasing their produce, baked goods, and other items. Ask if anyone is bringing eggs, honey, cinnamon rolls. 

TrinityBanner Newsletter

Trinity Lutheran Church (Murdock) - two Divine services with social distancing 8:30 & 10:30 am

Contact Pastor Kuhlman via text, email or phone call (402-867-4048 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for a seating assignment. 

Sunday School Lessons Are On Zoom

Contact Steph Stroy 402-416-3517 to get connected!

SUBSCRIBE to the Sunday School FACEBOOK Group for class schedule.

Pastors sermons can be watched on The Trinity Lutheran Church Murdock Vimeo Channel

Listen to the weekly sermon anytime at Pastor Brent Kuhlman's Blog 

Murdock Playground WILL Be a RealityMurdockPlayground2019


The Murdock park committee is moving forward. The land has been secured and now we need your help to make it happen.


 Send this onto anyone you can think of who lived, lives, or visits Murdock.

We NEED your help! 

EMKnights Banner

  EMSchool App Apple

You can even follow them on Twitter at EMKnightsSchool 


EMSchoolWebsite 2018

 Check out the calendar on the Elmwood Website   

 Elmwood-Murdock Area News 

Cass County FoodBank

Thank you to the Cass County Food Bank volunteers from the Elmwood St. Paul United Methodist Church. Food distribution is on every third Saturday of the month from 9 am - 11 am at the Elmwood Community Center. 

Workers are doing car delivery to anyone from Cass County who needs a little extra help during this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing, masks, and gloves are being worn for your protection.Advertisement for Food bank 2020 page0001 1

BSA quilt ad

 Elmwood Christian Church

Virtual Sunday Services via Zoom. Stay in touch with your congregational members.

Come on in at 9:30 am for some socializing and catching up.

Service starts at 10:00 am VOLUNTEER BUTTON

  Cass County News


Updates from the Legislature merged

2020-07-31 Clements Column – Session Resumed

The Legislature resumed its 2020 session on July 20th after the COVID-19 shutdown caused us to recess for four months. I have had no health problems and I hope you are staying safe and
well. We are keeping the Capitol building clean and safe, and it is still open for tours.

With less than seven Legislative days left, it is still unknown whether we will pass property tax relief. LB 1106, which I support, lowers school property taxes and replaces that amount with
state aid. There are many strong views on the bill, making progress difficult. LB 1106 has majority support, but not enough to pass a filibuster. Several Omaha and Lincoln senators
oppose the limit on school spending growth. I will keep working toward a solution.

Another major bill is LB 814, a dismemberment abortion ban. Last week we had a successful vote to move it out of the Judiciary Committee and onto the floor for debate. It was filibustered
for three hours and the Speaker needs enough support shown for debate to continue. I am optimistic that enough votes will be found.

LB 870, which I prioritized, was signed into law and is now in effect. This new law allows cities to directly borrow from banks during disasters to make repairs and restore disrupted services.
This would help cities like Peru that had to truck in drinking water during the 2019 floods. LB 153 excludes 50% of military retirement pay from Nebraska income tax. It is on Final
Reading with unanimous support and should pass. However, it may not be effective until January 1, 2022 due to the $14 million cost and lower state revenues.

LB 147 would have provided training and guidance to school staff on how to intervene when students interrupt the classroom, harm others, or themselves. LB 147 failed by one vote due to a
filibuster. It provided teachers with legal protection if they responded reasonably to disruptive situations. Good teachers are leaving the profession because of increased violence in some

The bill adjusting the 2019-2021 budget passed Friday July 31st. It allows for $46 million for 2019 state flood damages not paid by FEMA, and $9 million more for FEMA cost shares to
counties. Correction worker pay increased by $5.7 million to help retain prison staff. Homestead exemption payments to counties increased by $5 million due to increased benefits.
Also, $1.5 million was added for public health departments that are stressed by flood relief and COVID work. There was excess revenue in March, but now the budget just breaks even.
Remaining bills with added spending will be difficult to fund.

Feel free to contact me or my staff for assistance, information, or questions on issues. You may reach me at: Senator Rob Clements, State Capitol Rm 812, Lincoln, NE 68509,
Phone 402­471­2613, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New Office Space in Elmwood

There are business opportunities in Elmwood for office space and shared space opportunities.

If you know of a business needing a formal business setting then consider relocating to Elmwood.

Or if you business is growing and physical space would be beneficial now is your chance to stay local. 


Elmwood Farmers Market



Farmersmkt 072920

Racing Poster

Ice Cream Social flyer 2020 SM

Elmwood Learning  & Cultural Center


Last week four public meetings were held at the Bess Streeter Aldrich hour to educate the community on a future project that combines the efforts of the Bess Streeter Aldrich Foundation and the American Legion Post #247

Both Kurk Shrader and Bonnie Brewer have spent many years of dedication to developing lasting legacies in our area. One of their fears is what happens in the future? How can they assure the two organizations continue to grow and represent Elmwood into the Future? 

This project quickly changed in May from adding an addition to the existing G.A.R Hall during a meeting with the architect. When Kurk and Bonnie told them what they were looking for he said "You know that type of building already exists in Elmwood"

Approximately 30 people attended the presentation which was held outside in the garden. 

The site of the previous Prairie Technology Solutions building, (and previously the Elmwood Coop Oil Company) is slated for GREATNESS.  It is the brick building south of the convenience store and has a large parking lot and green space for gatherings in the future. The official name has not been determined but will serve many purposes.


Meeting attendees were able to see pictures of the inside of the building and give input and suggestions on the center name, functions, and how it can serve the community. 

  • Elmwood Welcome Center
  • New Location of Village Board (more news coming)
  • Business office rental
  • Elmwood Museum space - rotating exhibits from the G.A.R Veterans Museum, Bess Streeter Aldrich Museum, Elmwood history
  • Genealogy Research Space
  • Continuing Learning Center

After a tour (pictures to come) they had no idea such a space existed in town and work to figure out how to make their dream possible started. 


The American Exchange Bank arranged for flexible financing and gifted the first $10,000 to the project. This will be a community building, a representative of Elmwood for visitors and the community alike. This center will preserve Elmwood's history and be a space to research genealogy and learn more about our past and existing citizens.

What is fantastic is the 1st phase, thanks to The American Exchange Bank, is now taken care of, AND all three office spaces have been rented or committed. This income will pay the operating expenses.

NOW, the FUN begins!

There are sooo many ways you can participate and help make this center a focus for our community. You can financially donate through various means, or you can help with volunteering, serve as a tour guide, help build displays, marketing, and social media. 

CulturalCenter pagepledgecenter

Site: Prairie Technology Solutions Building, 221 S. 4th Street, Elmwood, Nebraska
Objective: To serve as a learning and cultural arts center for Elmwood while providing long-term preservation of the community’s historical artifacts with special emphasis on the life and works of Bess Streeter Aldrich and the Grand Army of the Republic Veterans’ Hall.
Owners: Bess Streeter Aldrich Foundation and American Legion Post #247 (eventually, a community foundation will be formed)

Background: The Bess Streeter Aldrich Foundation and G.A.R. Veterans Museum have developed strategies to assure their long-term status in the community. A conversation with architect Rick Hawks about the possible construction of a new building located on the empty lot next to the G.A.R. Hall ultimately resulted in a suggestion to look at the Prairie Solutions Technology building which was purchased in August 2020.

Tenant(s): Much of the potential success of this venture is dependent on finding the right tenants for the three office spaces The Village of Elmwood has agreed to be the primary tenants and will maintain the building. Two other tenants will be sought. 

What do we like about this building?

  • Ideal Main Street Exposure with Adequate Parking
  • Completely Remodeled in 2016
  • Welcoming Professional Space
  • Access to Common Space (kitchenette, board room, and entryway)
  • Large Walk-In Vault
  • Long-term Potential with Minimal Interruption to Tenants as Improvements Are Made
    Latest Security and Technological Advances
  • Central Air and Heat

Future Goals for the Building

  • Phase I—Raise Funds for the Building, Operating the Existing Building “As Is” with Minimalodifications (Handicap Accessibility)
  • Phase II—Develop plans for Renovation of the Storage Space in the Back to Accommodate Exhibits related to Elmwood’s History, Bess Streeter Aldrich, G.A.R. Hall, and a Genealogy Research Space
  • Phase III—Eliminate the Back Office and Merge with Existing Board Room to Create Larger Board Room/Classroom (Approximately 20 students at tables and/or 40 students with theater seating)


Weeping Water Pool is OPEN 

40 person capacity (Capacity has the possibility to increase)
Groups will be assigned seating areas to ensure Social Distancing
Groups are required to Social Distance from other groups

Pool swim shifts 12-3 and 3:30-6:30 Currently you will only be allowed one shift, this may change at a future date;

(Sign up link to the Pool Reservation Form will be posted on Weeping Water Pool Facebook page and City of WW web page. You will need to sign up daily, the link will be available at 6 AM every day)

  • Adult Fitness swim M-F 7:30-8:30 AM
  • Sign up link to the Pool Reservation Form will be posted on the Weeping Water Pool Facebook page and City of WW web page.
  • You will need to sign up daily, the link will be available at 6 AM every day. If no one is signed up, we will not be open to Fitness Swim. Limited to 12 people per day. 
  • Bring only towels, sunscreen, water and chairs which will be permitted in the pool area-No pool furniture or toys will be available for use 
  • Toys will NOT be allowed this year in an attempt to limit exposure to germs
  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a family member or nanny who is 16 years or older.
  • Temperature and health check questions are required for admittance.
  • The baby pool is closed this season
  • Swimmers will need to shower with soap and water prior to entering the pool

Season passes will be available: Family, Single and 10 punch passes (waivers stating you understand the risk of exposure to COVID will be signed on pass forms along with a one time signing when attending with Daily admission)
Family season pass - $100
Single season pass - $50
Individual 10-Punch - $35
Daily - $4
Fitness Swim - $4

Purchase your WW Pool Pass here:
Reserve your swim spot starting June 18th at 6 am, here:

Eagle Farmers Market

Opens May 28th at 4 pm to 6:30 pm at 5th and Hwy 34.

Every Thursday thru Sept 3.

Anyone wishing to set up a booth for a month or more can contact Trisha.

$5/month or $10 for the summer

2017 03 30 CCMT xx

211 Main St.
Louisville, NE

$4 SHOW admission for all ages over 13.

FREE admittance for all under 13!


For more information, call 800-480-8797, ext. 211, and leave a message or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




2020 08 22 Eagle ElectEvent


GP imp072520

Omaha impound inventory >>

GP estates081620

Bid Online >>

GP Sarpy 091920

Sarpy auction inventory >>

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